Eastbourne Contact Centre

 Mothers' Union run a Contact Centre in Eastbourne   

We are here so that children living with one parent can meet and spend time with their other parent.  We provide a safe and neutral place for them to do so when the parents are not willing to meet or arrange their own contact.  Hopefully, after meeting in our venues for a while an atmosphere of trust can be established and often the couples can go on to arrange outside contact themselves.  We however perform an often vital bridge for this to happen.  The centres are run by trained volunteers who want to make it a pleasant morning for everyone involved.



The Eastbourne sessions are held on the lst and 3rd Saturday of each month from 10.3-0am - 1.00pm

What to we provide? - A room with toys and games and a separate waiting room. Tea, coffee and cold drinks are available.

Do you have to meeting your former partner? - No - we arrange separate arrival and departure times for both parties.

How much does it cost? - The service is free at both Centres but donations are always welcome

If you would like to know how these visits are arranged please contact us by telephone, e-mail or post




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