Fundraising & Communications

The Fundraising & Communication Unit works closely with the other units in the Diocese to engage in promoting the work of Mothers' Union ensuring a consistent message throughout all work in line with the objectives. To plan and implement local media campaigns and to ensure that media enquiries are dealt with effectively, discerning what stories will enhance the reputation of Mothers' Union. To devise ways of promoting new membership and support, especially in raising the profile of Mothers' Union in churches.   


Link - Link is the Diocesan newsletter published four times a year with news of Mothers' Union projects and activities from around the Diocese.


Display Boards

These are available free of charge to publicise the work of  Mothers' Union around the world and throughout the Diocese.  Available to our own members and to the wider community. These can be geared to any particular theme or project.

If you would like to book the display boards  contact District Chairs.