August 6th ~ The Transfiguration

August 9th ~ Mary Sumner Day.

August 15th ~ The Blessed Virgin Mary.

Loving Lord,deckchair We give thanks for the life and vision
of our founder, Mary Sumner.
We pray that we can continue to uphold the values of faith and commitment that she started when she felt called to help sustain a stable family life for all.
Show us the way to help and comfort those who
despair or are in need for any reason.
Let us be an example of the love which you Lord have shown to us by loving our neighbours as ourselves. Amen

John 13 v35
By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another

Summer is here, the sun is shining, the children are on their school holidays, people are going away on holidays both near and far and all is well with the world!
Lord you know this is not always true, life is sometimes dark and unhappy even in the summer.
The sun doesn't always shine,parents are stressed and children are demanding.
Many cannot afford holidays of any sort and the world is troubled.
Refugees are suffering, and countries are still
in conflict.
The one thing we are sure of is that you Lord are always there beside us ready to comfort and support in times of trouble and in the good times to rejoice with us.
We thank you for your love and praise you for your goodness. Amen

LoviSeasideng Lord,to be able to go away on holiday is a treat we look forward to every year, a chance to recharge our batteries and return refreshed to face our responsibilities again.
But there are some people who have never enjoyed this luxury due to lack of money or opportunity.
The Mothers' Union "Away from it all" holidays(AFIA) gives people from all walks of life the chance to leave their everyday life and problems behind for a while.
Lord, you have said "all you who are heavy ladened and weary come to me and I will give you rest."
By supporting the AFIA project we are continuing your work on earth enabling more people to rest and have a break.

For some it will be a chance to enjoy time together as a family, for others time to get over a bereavement or just to reflect on their lives.
Whatever the reason people come to our caravans we pray that all will benefit from this time and return home refreshed and with hope for the future.
We give thanks to all who are involved in this worthwide project, those who look after the caravans, do the bookings, arrange transport, do the cleaning or by donating money to keep them both running.
Grant them and us strength and commitment to continue with this project which brings so much pleasure to those less fortunate than ourselves. Amen.

cross and flowers