cherry blossom
Notable Dates;
10th ~ Ascension Day 
20th ~ Pentecost (Whit Sunday) 
27th ~Trinity Sunday 
31st ~ Corpus Christi

Dear Lord,
As Spring is turning to Summer we give you thanks for your wonderful world of nature. 
For the birds singing their songs of joy early in the mornings,
For their clever nest building and raising their chicks.
For Bluebell woods with their vibrant blue carpet and heavenly perfume,
For brooks and streams gently flowing across hills and fields,
For trees and hedges showing off their new leaves and flowers,
For the summer sun and even the rain,
For all these things Lord ,we thank you, Amen

Lord, at this time students are taking exams at schools and colleges which will determine their choice of career in the future.
We ask that you will guide and help them, lead them into the right path and calm their fears and worries.
Lord in your mercy——— Hear our Prayer

For the students who do not attain their grades, we pray that they will not give up but will try again with better results.
Lord in your mercy——— Hear our Prayer

For the students who will soon leave to go to University we pray that they will work diligently and not squander the chance that they have been given to become useful members of society and that they will find jobs in their chosen field.
Lord in your mercy——— Hear our Prayer

16th Century Prayer

Lord, teach me to silence my own heart,
that I may listen to the gentle movement of the Holy Spirit within me, and sense the depths that are of God. Amen

Lord send Your Holy Spirit to enter our hearts and minds,
Renew our faith and give us the desire to serve you as we strive to help all that we meet as you commanded us to do.
Let our actions show the love we have for you and inspire others to follow our example. Amen

As we celebrate Corpus Christi each year we are reminded of the terrible price you Lord paid to save us from our sins.
Every time we take part in the Eucharist we wonder how you felt as you realised that one of your friends would shortly betray you.

Your disciples could not have realised how important that last supper would become and that it would become such a focal point for Christians everywhere.
As you told them that the bread was your body and the wine your blood they must have been quite confused.

We understand that when you said,” do this in rememberance of me “ it would be a visible and lasting sign of our faith.

Let us never forget that you died for us and strive to live 
up to your expectations that all of us must act 
as your present day disciples to glorify your name, 
our most wonderful Lord Jesus Christ.