In all the recent hot weather this is a bible passage to remember. 
The grass withers and flowers fade,
but the word of the Lord stands forever. Isaiah 40 v 8

As we start the Summer Holidays Lord, we give you thanks for 
the chance to explore your wonderful creation. 
For the break from work or school and a time for families to be together.
We pray for those visiting the seaside or country or even being 
able to journey to other countries around the world. 
Keep them safe from harm so that they will return with happy memories.
You are the one constant presence, always in our hearts and minds.
May we always seek to show and share our love for your teachings 
wherever we are and to all people, no matter who they are.
In the name of our Saviour, Lord Jesus Christ, Amen

On August 9th we celebrate our founder Mary Sumner,
Lord you inspired her to think of others and to start Mothers Union.
Let us follow in her footsteps as we help families Worldwide.
She could never have imagined that the idea that she started in her 
small village would spread all across the world and have so many members.
Let each footstep we take lead us to help the downtrodden,
the unloved and the marginalised.
Let our prayers go around the world giving comfort 
and hope especially in countries where women and 
children have no voice and endure hardship and pain.
Lord, help us to continue her work and give us the vision 
to see where we can walk to further her aims and make 
Mothers‘ Union stronger for many years to come.

Loving Lord,
We pray for all those suffering in the heat, for the elderly and infirm.
For people who work outside or hot shops or offices.
For ambulance workers and hospital staff who have to cope 
with an extra workload due to heat related problems.
As people travel to their holiday destinations we pray that 
no harm will come to them, whether it be by road, aircraft or sea.
Let this holiday time be a chance to enjoy the sun and a time to relax, 
not forgetting to give thanks and praise to you Lord, our creator of all.

Lord, our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Greece 
where devastating fires have killed so many people. 
Comfort the bereaved, strengthen the firefighters and the 
emergency helpers as they cope with terrible sights as they 
try to help deal with the aftermath.
We pray that we will soon all have some rain and 
cooler days to heal the parched earth and 
make more fires less likely to occur.
We give thanks to the ordinary members of the public 
who have rallied round to help out their fellows with 
accommodation, clothes and food.