Dear Lord,
As the first Advent Candle has now been lit we are reminded that we celebrate the first coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. We pray that until his second coming we will act as his disciples on earth giving help where needed and showing love to the unloved.
His light is a shining beacon for us to follow, give us the determination, strength and courage to keep to the path of righteousness until we see Him face to face in his Heavenly Kingdom.

Loving Lord God,
As we approach Christmas we look forward to the greatest gift of all, the birth of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. During the festive season we pray that all might remember that this is rather real reason we celebrate and not let commercialisation dim the brightness of the true Christmas Light. Let our gift to Him be to dedicate ourselves to bringing help, love and peace to all.

During Advent when people are looking forward to the joy of Christmas we pray for the many who will face it with dread. For those who will be alone, perhaps they have lost their partner during the year and will be sad and lonely with only their memories and photos. Perhaps they have separated or divorced and one parent will be unable to see their child or children.
They might have lost their jobs and will struggle to pay bills or made homeless and will have no comforts. There will be many people who will have to work during the holidays and others who will be in hospitals or care homes. For all these people Lord we ask that they will find some joy and peace. Grant that the New Year will bring them some respite and happiness. Amen


May its symbolism be with us throughout the Advent Season.
Dear Heavenly Father,
As we gaze upon the decorated oranges                                                                                           Help us to fully appreciate each part in its simple form.                                                                 We pray for the world you have provided for us.                                                                            We pray for its beauty, its provision and its diversity.                                                                     We pray for an end to its ugliness inflicted on your perfect creation.                                          War, famine, hardship, poverty, cruelty and greed.

We thank you for the blood you shed for us so that we may live.                                                                                            We thank you for all you provide in the four corners of the world.                                                                                         May the  wealth of the world be shared more fairly.                                                                                                                  We thank you for the light of our Saviour.                                                                                                                         Reflected in each other’s faces, and in the faces of children                                                                                               
let us be reminded that you  gave us the greatest gift of all,                                                                                                     and we ask that we cherish this gift, love as you love us,                                                                                                           and spread the light of your word to all those we meet throughout our lives.                                             Amen.

As we prepare for the celebration of Jesus’ birth,                                                                                                         
we pray that the true meaning of Christmas will overcome the commercialism                                                                 and cynicism of the world.  We give thanks for every seed sown into the hearts                                                                 of those who experience the Nativity, either in the written or spoken word,                                                                       in particular for those who see and hear it for the first time.  May its meaning                                                                   develop into a strong faith, as a relationship with Jesus grows.                                                                                               From welcoming the new born babe in the manger, to knowing and loving the                                                                   grown man, who taught, loved, and died  so mankind could live.                                                                                            Wonderful  Counsellor and Saviour.


Father, We give thanks for our dear patron Queen Elizabeth II and her husband  Philip, in the year of their 70th Wedding Anniversary.  May her Christmas message give meaning and hope to all who hear it.  As the family welcome Prince Harry’s fiancée into their homes, and they look forward to the blessing of the birth of Kate and William’s third child, we ask that they can enjoy a day of peace, fun and reflection as they enjoy a day of family life away from royal duties. Amen.


Father, We ask you to bless our Bishops and Arch Bishops,  our clergy in our own parishes, and all who support them in parish life.  Support and strengthen them during this busy Advent Season, as they lead and prepare us for the celebrations of our Saviour’s birth. May we support them in prayer and practical ways to assist them in their service to you.


Father.  The Holy Family travelled miles on an uncomfortable journey, and fled for their lives from Herod’s tyranny.  May we focus on their plight as we pray for all refugees, forced to leave their homelands to embark on long and perilous journeys.  As we remember Mary and Joseph and their precious responsibility with Mary carrying and giving birth to our Saviour, we pray for expectant and new mothers, making these modern day journeys to unfamiliar lands.  May they have strength and stamina throughout their pregnancies and labour, as they bring their own precious children into an unfamiliar world.    Amen.


Christmas is traditionally a time when families gather together .                                                          
Father, we thank you for the blessings we receive.  Help us not to take for granted our loved ones families and friendships.  We thank you for times spent with them.  Be with all those separated from their loved ones, be it through illness, bereavement, postings, imprisonment or breakdown of relationships.  May they feel your arms of comfort and peace surround  them , and may we, through the love of Mothers’ Union  ease their pain.


We thank you for your guidance and support of the work of the Mothers’ Union.  
May we continue to direct our attention to local, national and global needs in projects that make a difference to people’s lives.  May the vision of Mary Sumner be at the forefront of all we do.


                                                 May the blessing of God surround you each day and night.                                                                                                                  Trust in him and be led by his word and light.                                                                                                                                       May his Holy Spirit work within you                                                                                                                                    to protect, strengthen and guide you in all you do                                                                                                                    as you take His peace, together with His love and joy                                                                                     to all you meet, man, woman, girl and boy.