Notable Dates.
1st ~ St David’s Day 
11th ~ Mothering Sunday
17th ~ St Patrick’s Day 
30th ~ Good Friday

Mothering Sunday

Loving Lord God, we pray for all Mothers not just on this special day but always.
Grant them the strength and commitment needed to encourage their 
children to grow through faith and love into caring, responsible adults.
In an ever increasing world of pressure and stress surround all with the 
knowledge of your healing power to strengthen the bonds of family life.
We ask this in the name of your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ who 
himself grew up in a loving family with his Holy Mother who suffered 
greatly as she later watched him suffer upon the cross. 
Comfort all mothers who grieve for children who have died before them perhaps through violence or ill health. Grant them peace of mind. 

Loving Lord, we pray for those for whom Mothering Sunday is a time 
of sorrow as they mourn the loss of a mother.
For those who have never known their mother or who have been taken from her.
We pray for those who long to be a mother but have not been able to conceive,
give them hope that one day they will know the joy of motherhood. 

Thank you Lord, for giving us things to aim for in life, big or small.
We praise you for our goals and for our achievements, thank you 
for all the little steps that get us there, each one an achievement in itself.

As we have watched the Winter Olympics we marvelled at their skill and 
soon we will see the Paralympic Games and wonder at the strength and 
courage of the athletes who have overcome their disabilities to take part.

Lord we may not all be able to take part in the Olympics but you 
have blessed us with our own gifts each one helping us to do the 
best that we can. Thank you Lord for making us what we are. Amen

A snowdrop lightens our winter darkness with it’s white flower, tightly closed at first it bursts forth into its delicate beauty, defying the frost and snow.
Lord, may we be like your snowdrop, closed in on ourselves at first but then as we are drawn into the Lenten story of Your life and passion, burst forth in joy and thanksgiving as we head for the glory of Easter Sunday.
May our faith shine through the winter gloom into the spring of a new life travelled with Christ. Amen