Worldwide News 

Worldwide Links and NewsChichester Diocese Mothers Union has 4 link dioceses, which are:-

  • Seoul in South Korea
  • Madi and West Nile in Uganda
  • Mundri in South Sudan
  • Isuikwato in Nigeria

We have contact with all except Nigeria, which is a challenge within the Anglican Community.

Seoul, South Korea

South KoreaThis is how Margaret, the worldwide link from Seoul describes the work they do there:

Korean MU has lots of work.  We have 3 dioceses, Seoul, Daejeon and Busan.  Each diocese has a little different work, however almost same.  We support church, priests, and members of Korean MU.   Also we are involved ‘Holy Home' campaign, parenting, prison work, various membership, training, supporting seminary students and so on.   I hope we'll have close relationship between Chichester and Korea.

In exchanges with Margaret she expresses the same thankfulness as our MU branch here at the wonders of technology to stay in touch with one another over the pandemic, during which they were similarly challenged with being unable to meet.

Madi and West Nile, Uganda

UgandaIn Madi and West Nile Diocese, Mothers' Union has 8200 Members and the Christian Women Fellowship Members are 7500.  The Christian Women Fellowship are those who cannot join MU due marriage status but are Associate members of Mothers' Union.

Our current activities include teaching women leaders on their roles, resource mobilisation, Bible study and parenting.  We also have a Prison Ministry, a Ministry to Refugee Women, a Schools Ministry.

The Diocesan President is Mrs Drateru Hellen Droma.  The  Mothers' Union Family Life Co-ordinator is Rev. Adiru Victoria, who writes:

Though I no longer in school but I teach men and women of God.   Thank you so much and hope to be in touch with you all the time now that our internet is  fixed. God bless you and regards to all our Sisters in Chichester Diocese.

Mundri, South Sudan

South Sudan

Bismark is our contact for Mundri MU as his wife is now living in Kampala, Uganda following the civil war. Here are his words describing something of the MU in Mundri:

Things are cooling down politically, but full implementation of peace agreement is yet to be realised. And this makes things difficult to some extent.

We do have active MU in the Diocese of Mundri, but, of course, with the conflict they are scattered as well. But I am sorry at the present I do not have the correct statistics of the members of MU in the Diocese. I need to first ask those concerned to give me the updated number. Rina is my wife (or the Bishop's wife) who plays the role of patron/matron whichever you call. In some place she is called the President of the MU in the Diocese. So she is not the Leader. The Leader of MU in Mundri is L/R. Jean Benson.

Isuikwato in Nigeria


We still have no contact with anyone there.  We continue to pray for a re-establishing of Nigeria’s communion with the worldwide Anglican fellowship.