Faith and Policy 

The Faith and Policy Unit is concerned to develop our faith and spirituality and puts these into action through our policy initiatives locally, nationally and worldwide.

We give thanks for God’s faithfulness to Mothers’ Union over 142 years and acknowledged that: 
Thus far the Lord has helped us.  1 Samuel 7:12 

We now look to the future trusting that God will continue to help us as we share his love in the world through our Christian care for families and communities. We do this by actively putting our faith into action to serve God and his world. This is no new concept for us as Mothers’ Union; rather it has always been at the heart of our mission and outreach.
2019 is a year for us to highlight the ways in which we listen, observe and act as we embark on MULOA, a process that will enable all the 600 dioceses in which Mothers’ to listen to each other, to the people we serve and to partners so we can create the future together. It will help us to be clear about our God-given purpose and direction in our local and global context. It will energise and inspire us in our relationships and calling so we can be more effective in making a difference in our world.

Prayer Chain - There is a Prayer Chain link throughout the Diocese which is co-ordinated by Patricia Barrett.  If you would like to send her details of anyone you wish to put on the Prayer Chain please email her.  Your request will then be added to the Chain for 4 weeks, after which the name will be deleted unless further information has been received.  


Families WorldwidePrayer Diary in Families Worldwide

The Prayer Diary is written to assist every Mothers' Union member to join together each day in prayer and support each other every day around the world.  It provides a theme for each week, a prayer for each day and details of the Wave of Prayer.  It is available free to every Mothers' Union member as part of Families Worldwide, which is distributed throughout the Diocese three times a year.  It is also available to download in digital format from


Faith and Policy Watch

A monthly e-mail resource which keeps members informed about the Social Policy work of Mothers' Union.  It contains legislative updates, Government policy proposals and articles and ideas on how Mothers' Union members can get involved and make a difference.  

Visit and download: Faith and Policy Watch