Social Policy 

Social Policy ImageThe main objectives of Mothers' Union Social Policy are to raise awareness amongst members, and for them to raise  awareness in others,  of two main themes:  Modern-Day Slavery (MDS) and Gender-Based Violence, including Domestic Abuse (DA).   

Incidents of both can occur at any time and anywhere in our communities.

Modern-Day Slavery

We encourage our members to contact the helpline on 0800 0121 700 if they have a concern or if they have a suspicion that Modern-Day Slavery is occurring.   This could involve vulnerable people working in car washes, nail bars, fruit/vegetable farms, or cleaners, for example.  It might also involve those drawn into 'County lines' (i.e. drug dealing) and prostitution.

You can also download two very useful apps to report your concerns: Safe Car Wash App and Farm Work Welfare App.

Gender-Based Violence

It is now thought that 1 in every 3 people have experienced domestic abuse at some point in their lives.  Members support the raising of awareness through prayers, vigils and services on 16 Days of Awareness and on Global Day.

Members also regularly collect food, toiletries and Christmas gifts for local refugees.