Lent 2017


Use this to help with your meditations during Lent and consider donating 1 pence each day and
then rounding it up to 50 pence to send to Diocesan Funds. This is such a small amount for Lent
Giving but if every member did it the whole amount would be worthwhile. Give it to your branch
treasurer so that it can be sent altogether to Andy Anderson, Diocesan Treasurer.

1. St. David's Day & Ash Wednesday. Reflect on what Lent means to you.
2. Read Psalm 51 v 1-4 and 10-12.
3. Women's World Day of Prayer. Give thanks for the power of Prayer.
4. Pray for our Diocesan President, Trustees, Branch Leaders/Contacts and all members.
5. Pray for all Overseas members, especially the workers who teach in the projects.
6. Do a good deed for someone.
7. Pray for Dementia sufferers and their carers.
8. Pray for Doctors, nurses and social workers.
9. Pray for those who suffer from long term illness and pain.
10. Read Psalm 119 v 33-37.
11. Pray for parents who are separated /divorced and for their children.
12. Pray for the Eastbourne Family Contact Centre, the Co-Ordinator and volunteers.
13. Pray for all who suffer Domestic Violence, both mental and physical.
14. Give thanks for the safe haven of a Woman's Refuge.
15. Pray for our AFIA project and the people who manage it.
16. Pray for any person you know with "saint like qualities"
17. St. Patrick's Day. Give thanks and praise to all the Saints.
18. Pray for the officers and staff of Mary Sumner House.
19. Give thanks for the life and vision of Mary Sumner.
20. St. Joseph of Nazareth's Day. Give thanks that he supported the Virgin Mary.
21. Pray for victims of war and those made homeless because of it.
22. Pray for refugees fleeing their country, pray for a safe journey and a place to live.
23. Pray for Christians in places where they are in danger because of their faith.
24. Pray for an end to FGM (female genital mutilation)
25. Lady Day. Give thanks to Mary for her obedience. Read Luke 1 v26-38 .
26. Mothering Sunday. Give thanks for mothers everywhere.
27. Pray for women unable to have children.
28. Pray for parents who have lost a child.
29. Meditate on the wonders of the creation.
30. Pray that the next generation will still be able to enjoy it all before it's squandered.
31. Read Romans 12 v9-21

1. Pray that the elderly might be treated with dignity and compassion.
2. Pray for the sad and lonely
3. Pray for hope for parents who benefit from the Ministry of Cake project.
4. Give thanks for Food Banks and give them a donation of food.
5. Count your Blessings and give thanks for them.
6. Pray for the Loving for Life and Parenting projects.
7. Pray for those who suffer any form of injustice.
8. Pray for all who are victims of modern day slavery.
9. Palm Sunday. Read Matthew 21 v1-9
10. Consider the qualities needed to be a disciple of Jesus, do you have these?
11. Pray for you own family and friends.
12. Identify something in your life that you need to pray for.
13. Maundy Thursday. Read Matthew 26 v26-30.
14. Good Friday. Reflect that our Lord Jesus died to save us from our sins.
15. Write a prayer of thanks!
16. EASTER DAY. Celebrate the wonder of the risen Lord Jesus Christ, AMEN


This resource can be downloaded HERE