Some thoughts for Pentecost

As we read in Acts, Jesus fulfilled his promise of sending the Comforter to fill the disciples with courage and hope as they set out to spread the Good News.
We are His disciples too. This Pentecost let’s read Acts 1 and 2 and rejoice!

From Acts 1 v8
“ When the Holy Spirit comes, you will be filled with power…”

Loving Lord, help us to remember that when we, like the disciples, feel bereft of your presence and do not know which way to go, You send your Spirit of power and grace to strengthen and sustain us.

From Acts 2 v2
“Suddenly there was a noise from the sky which sounded like a strong wind blowing…”

Loving Lord, help us to recognize this image of the wind as Your living breath that brings about  a new Creation and empowers us to share your love with the whole world.

From Acts 2 v3
“Then they saw what looked like tongues of fire which spread out and touched each person there…”

Loving Lord, with the powerful image of the fire that spreads and comes to each one of us you give us the courage to continue loving You as the warmth and the light of the burning fire envelop us.

Below you can find the lyrics of a song that we can use as a prayer. It seems appropriate to Pentecost.
(I strongly recommend to search in Google for the video of the song to get the full impact!



Hold the power of the universe in your hand 
Hold the words that shaped the sky and sea and land 
The King has given words to us, to tell us what he's like 
Open up your ears and let his Spirit strike 

It's a light and a hammer 
It's a fire and a sword 
It's the voice of our Father 
The word of the Lord 
The blade of the Spirit can cut to the soul 
And God will use it to make us whole 

Hear the news of the promised king who came to save 
Hear the news of Jesus who rose from the grave 
Our King has come to live on earth and rescue us from sin 
Open up your mind and let his Spirit in 

Know the name of Jesus Christ that makes us new 
Know the Son of God, the Word whose word is true 
Our King has spoken to us, so there is no place for pride 
He gives hearts of flesh and changes us inside

from This is Awesome Cutlery, released November 1, 2016 
© Gareth Loh & Dan Adams 2015

all rights reserved

Merciful and loving God:
when we are ungrateful, remind us of your grace;
when we are oblivious, open our eyes;
when we are harsh, gentle our spirit;
when we are apathetic, show us your suffering children;
when we demean ourselves, whisper that we are create in your image;
when we lose all hope, show us the empty tomb;
shape us, and turn us around,
that we will live with blessing and grace and light.