Loving Lord God,
As we approach Christmas we look forward to the greatest 
gift of all, the birth of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. 
During the festive season we pray that all might remember 
that this is the real reason we celebrate and not let 
commercialisation dim the brightness of the true Christmas Light. 
Let our gift to Him be to dedicate ourselves to bringing help, 
love and peace to all.  Amen                                                                                                                       Amen

During Advent when people are looking forward to the 
joy of Christmas we pray for the many who will face it with dread.
For those who will be alone, perhaps they have lost their 
partner during the year and will be sad and lonely with only 
their memories and photos.
Perhaps they have separated or divorced and one parent will be unable 
to see their child or children.
They might have lost their jobs and will struggle to pay bills or made homeless and will have no 
There will be many people who will have to work during the holidays and others who will be in 
hospitals or care homes.
For all these people Lord we ask that they will find some joy and peace.
Grant that the New Year will bring them some respite and happiness. 

Dear Lord,
As we look back on 2018 we rejoice that we have been able to implement 
our theme of the year, 'Walking in the footsteps of Mary Sumner'.
We pray that by supporting our projects and showing compassion to 
those who have met with adversity we have fulfilled her vision and showed 
our love for Jesus and his teachings.
May we continue the work Mary Sumner started and expand it to help 
many others in ways that she could only have dreamed of.
Life is so different now and the difficulties that people face have 
changed but our role has not.
We must care for all underprivileged people in any way that we can 
and work to change the hearts and minds of those in authority that 
they will think of improving the lives of the people they govern. 
We pray for love and peace to be spread among all people of 
different races and religions.
As we look forward to celebrating the first coming of our Lord Jesus Christ 
let us remember that he was not afraid to help others that were 
considered unworthy and follow his example to the glory of God the Father. Amen