Here is a list of speakers who are prepared to come to your Branch Meetings and talk on a variety of topics. Each branch is expected to have at least one speaker from this list during the year, and these will be paid for by the Diocese. The expenses of speakers talking on topics which are not strictly MU should be paid for by the branch. Branch leaders are asked to send in evaluation forms after hearing MU speakers, and although they are anonymous, are most helpful in maintaining standards,

For contact details please consult the Diocesan Directory or Diocesan Secretary.

Kathryn Anderson & Michele White              MULOA

Chris Emson                                                Street Pastors; Kenya, linking school to school; Promoting the MU;                                                                           Chaplain in Conquest Hospital

Karen Hill                                                   Mary Sumner-the untold story; Our work in Worthing Hospital-Hayley's                                                                       Wish List or The Bag Story569

Sue Hyland                                                  Prepared to run Quiet Days or Quiet Sessions
                                                                  Prepared to run Meditative meetings with music/poetry
                                                                  Talk about the music of the church
                                                                  (Sue is a trained audio describer and will come and talk about this                                                                            facility for the blind and visually impaired to enjoy theatre)

Sue Lismer                                                   Kenya; How she became an MU member (differently from usual)

Christabel from Outreach RCSAS (Rape Crisis) email 

Scilla Page                                                   MU Work in Ford/Lewes Prisons
                                                                   MU Projects in the Diocese

Ros Thunder                                                 Prison Work; Ministry of Cake; 16 Days against Gender Violence