Trustees and Officers for
Diocese of Chichester 2019-21

Diocesan President:  Karen Hill

Vice President: Michele White 

General Trustees

Hazel Thorn


Chaplain:  Revd Helen Rose

Anita Grammerandy

Secretary: Anita Grammer                                             Treasurer: Andy Anderson


Fundraising & Communications

Emma Ham-Riche

          Co-ordinator & Press Officer - Emma Ham-Riche            

Webmaster -Shelley Jebb


Faith & Policy

Maria Greco

Co-ordinator - Maria Greco

Indoor Branch Members - 

Prayer Chain - Patricia Barrett 

Social Policy - Linda Campbell


Action & Outreach

Scilla Page

Co-ordinator - Scilla Page

AFIA - Christine Bright

Parenting - Diane Clack

ros thunder

Ministry of Cake - Ros Thunder

Eastbourne Family Contact Centre Co-ordinator - Kathryn Anderson  

Worldwide  Links - 

Loving for Life - Chris Emson & Jacky Clark

Safeguarding - Christine Bright

Prison Liaison Officer - Scilla Page


Finance & Members Services

Christine Bright
Co-ordinator - Christine Bright

F&MS Secretary - 

Speakers Representative - Shirley Squires

Diocesan Members - Linda Campbell

Risk Assessment Adviser - Victoria Hall-Smith

Gift Aid Organiser- Rosemary Harman 


MU Enterprises

Sandy Tout 

Families First Representative - Christine Bright



Diocese of Chichester Districts



Chichester Diocese is divided into five districts

click on the map for more details